I go anywhere I want.

A lot of talk, no action.

I forgot to save the file before switching off.

Laughter is infectious.

Are you a senior high school student?

I tried my best.


Neil doesn't know the difference between a star and a planet.

I need to think about it.

Is there something in particular you're looking for?


Marguerite doesn't need to buy anything.


We used to discuss politics far into the night.

Do you think he still remembers me?

Today is not your lucky day.


You never told me you were such a good violinist.

I'm sorry I hurt Vivek.

It couldn't be them.


Once it was believed that the earth was the center of the universe.

Sergeant thinks that he's better than other people.

There's no need to tell Malaclypse about this.


That restaurant has a very nice atmosphere.

I love those big, green figs.

Jerry got dressed and slipped on his shoes.

These structures would rarely, if ever, occur in spoken English.

I'm worried about you, too.

Do you want to listen to the radio?

Try it on.

They went upstairs.

He told me everything.

He dropped out of school in his second year.

I'm glad to help.


Do you want to see what I have in my suitcase?

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She tore the letter to pieces.

She put a red ribbon on her umbrella as a mark.

It's not so strange.


Either he doesn't know how to wash the dishes or he is just lazy.

Do you play tennis well?

I suggested to Juan that we should leave early.

Melancholy is for crazies and morons, that's what alcohol and women are for.

Me too. What about playing tennis.

What could possibly go wrong?

The Polish language is interesting.


We need to change the attitude that punishes women for their sexuality but gives men a pat on the back for theirs.

My first guess was wide off the mark.

I thought Walter would take Hwa out for dinner.

Is something going on with your server?

I think everybody knew that.


Ramesh is determined to lose weight.

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Panacea decided to grow corn this year.


How did it all work out?


I hardly see Todd anymore.

I wish I hadn't hit him.

Let's sue him.

Someone tried to shoot her.

Louiqa seemed pleasantly surprised.


Beavers can cut down trees with their teeth.

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I would like to see Mr Smith.

This is dangerous.

That's a great look.

Tad lives in a small town in the Bavarian Alps.

They are of the opinion that the missing plane is on the ocean floor and that's where the search should be conducted.


Along with this increase, there has been a change in the world's economic organization.

The English alphabet has 26 letters.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can result in the child being born with foetal alcohol disorder.

How do we know you're not lying to us?

There are internal contradictions within modern society.

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The sun gives us light and heat.

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Diane has been interviewing people for that job all day.


He weighs 70 kilos.

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He made her cry.

Issac Newton was buried in Westminster Abbey.

I want you to buy a new suit to wear to your job interview.


It looked like you didn't want to do what you were doing.


Would you just leave me alone?

Michelle called for an interview.

She's done this before.

Guido loves Carisa more than his own life.

That's all.

Donovan is doing really great.

Vickie decided on his own to turn himself in.

Everything is going according to plan.

Sloths are nocturnal and slow-moving.

Hindus don't eat meat, in particular beef, and they are mainly vegetarian in order to respect the animals' lives.

It wasn't very clever of you to throw away that note.

She was very short with me.

Please sit on this chair and wait.

The coin was struck by a die.

Mom is older than Dad.

Please fill the bath half full.

We're currently in the middle of a civil war.

My friend recommended that I shouldn't buy an iPad yet, but to wait until I see what Apple's competitors come out with.

He had a lot of straight, silvery hair.

When she falls in love, she looks depressed.

France is the winner of the 1998 World Cup.

They don't look so busy, do they?

Bobby didn't poison Guillermo.

Let Donald do his job.

The pirate was observing the sea with his monocular.

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He spoke slowly, with a strong Texas accent.

He helps her.

I don't usually cry.

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I thought you were going to stay home.

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

I want to go bowling with Jonathan.


She closed the door, locked it, produced a knife and started to walk towards him.

The meeting was arranged for Tuesday.

Samir told me that he wasn't afraid of ghosts.

Pim forgot his wedding anniversary.

My hair curls easily.

Ranjit speaks only French to his parents.

I didn't catch his name.

I wish you were wrong.

Corruption is a serious problem in many countries around the world.


I'm not interested in that kind of movie.

I heard a faint sound nearby.

Would you like milk and sugar?

We tried that.

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun.

The drug ice can fetch an estimated $1 million per kilogram on the streets.

I would like fruit juice.

Why did you steal your grandmother's jewelry?

We'll give your pharmacy a call.


I believe you have appendicitis.

Call your brother to help you set the table.

I think I know Vic's secret.

This floral arrangement is beautiful.

He's all excited.

Jasper never liked his name and planned to change it someday.

I have been robbed of my cellphone twice.

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Not a single star could be seen in the sky.

Maybe I should study French.

That seems logical to me.

Where're the shoes?

Are you in Paris?

There are some who would consider Patricio handsome.

I'm trying my best to provide for you and your brother.


Mongo needs to stay where he is.

Why did you even bother to come?

We were so excited that we couldn't sit still.

The river flows down to the sea.

See which way the cat jumps.

Do you have any money on you?

The recent coffee shortage brought about many problems.

Brazil is the land of the future.

Today may be April Fool's Day, but your prank went overboard. Seriously, I'm pretty angry!

He told us a lie.

I'm interested in French.

Micah is Adam's daughter.

Po looked at Lori and so did John.

The airplane soon went out of sight.

She was a chonga.


Now, that's better.

Adam says he can't trust himself.

Malcolm wants a bigger discount.


Their grace comes from hard work, sweat, and pain.

How did you know Kanthan had the stolen diamond?

I appreciate good music.


That color is very becoming on you.


I think it's time to do my homework.

There's something I need.

I think I'll stick around for a while.

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I report to work at 9 o'clock every morning.

Zombies are coming!

I saw a big dog lying in front of Mr. Hill's house.

We hate getting up early in the morning.

I hate her.